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If a project is currently in progress it will be noted beneath the title. There is a writing sample available on each project.


Autopsy Turvy

An inept coroner's assistant finds his life turned upside down when he discovers a not-so-dead body at the city morgue and unwittingly becomes entangled in a kooky insurance scam.

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Til Debt Do Us Part

Downsized and desperate, a divorced couple is forced to move back in together to make ends meet.

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Fire and Ice

In the most remote location on Earth, pilot Garrett Clayton faces his most daunting challenge yet. He must prevent terrorists from sinking suitcase nukes designed to unleash the massive Antarctic ice sheets, a plan that will wreak havoc worldwide.

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Interpreter for the Dead

Years of experience as an identity thief have allowed Michael Dane to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants, living the good life off the credit scores of the obscenely wealthy - until he's caught by the FBI.

As he sits in a cockroach-infested county jail with no money and no lawyer, it looks as if Dane's next role will be that of an inmate doing ten-to-fifteen in federal prison. Until he learns that his deaf father has passed away, leaving him the sole inheritor of previously barren farmland now worth millions.

Released on bail, he returns to the home he swore he'd never go back to. Michael Dane soon discovers his father's death was no accident and finds he now has two choices: dig through the broken pieces of an abusive past to solve his father's murder or become a fugitive.

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Dark Muse
In progress

Reclusive horror writer Daniel Caine kept millions of people awake late at night for over twenty years. Legions of fans eagerly awaited every new book.

Abruptly, the new books stopped coming.

Amid rumors of alien abductions and satanic sacrifices, Caine's ex-wife filed a missing persons report and posted a reward. Five years later the report remains open and the reward remains unclaimed.

Seeking clues as to what may have happened, celebrity biographer Corey Jones has dug deeper into Caine's past than anybody else. She may not be sure where Caine is, but she does know where he's been...and that may be the scariest story of all.

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In progress

Cody Cooper's life sucks, plain and simple. Between his vindictive teenage brother tormenting him, and always getting stuck babysitting his little sister, being eleven has turned out to be the worst year of his life.

Things get radically worse when his parents uproot the family from the only home Cody has ever known, and relocate them to a small town in Colorado.

When he stumbles across a silver sphere whose touch imbues him with visions of an extraterrestrial civilization, things go from bad to downright terrifying.

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